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MSB Designer Spotlight

We'd like you to meet 5 of our Designers in today's.  Say hello to Chiara, Anita, Dorine, Angie, and Sandy!  Make sure to stop by their fan pages and say "Hi"! 
Hi, my name is Chiara and I am the owner behind Chiara's Couture Creations. I have always been creative but sewing always intimidated me. I think because my grandma was a professional seamstress. In 2010, I taught myself to sew for one of our trips to Disney. This turned out to be a great things because my son is autistic and has sensory processing disorder and I am able to address some of his needs with things I make. My daughter likes to help me pick fabrics for different outfits which is part of the reason she is still wearing customs at Disney at the ripe old age of 11. She is also helping me pick out things for the new baby we are having.
In 2011 I started sewing for others and it has been a way to be creative and de-stress. This year I have started branching out from my usual skirts and applique tees into dresses and sets. I hope to continue to try new things.
Being part of Main Street Boutiques has been a wonderful experience and really challenged me to be a better designer. The talent around me is so inspiring. I am honored to be part of this group and call these designers my friends.
My name is Anita and I am the designer for Ruffilicious. I started sewing 30+ years ago so that my children could have clothes like they sold in boutiques. I have come a long way...LOL. I ventured into the custom boutique world about 4 years ago after joining a special group of ladies called Disboutiquers. I love sewing anything, ruffled dresses, baby clothes, and also do a little quilting.
I am also a full time administrative assistant at a steel import company and have been in that business for 30 years this year. I have 2 grown daughters and 5 fabulous grandchildren. They are my heart and I love spending time with them.

Hi there! Everyone knows me as D~… I began sewing in 2010, rather by accident. Sewing was something I had always wanted to learn, but just the thought of it terrified me… After many a ruined home-ec project in high school, I felt that it would be best to leave sewing to others who were more suited to the hobby.
Then one day, I stumbled upon the Disboutiquers thread on The Dis… Little did I in that very moment, I would embark on a journey that would forever change me and how I see the world. Epic, right?  It wasn’t long before I was creating items that I never knew I could create, I would see things in my head, and somehow I was able to translate that into fabric. It wasn’t long until SerendipiD~ was born… serendipity (ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪtɪ) — n the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. I started off small – quite literally – 1/3 scale (or better known as 18” doll/American Girl) sewing, I quite enjoyed it, and began to make a name for myself. My orders were filling rapidly and before I knew it, I was scaling back at my “real job” to enjoy making my hobby into something that would produce income for my family. Then, another serendipity moment happened… I drafted my own pattern for a park bag to carry on my own trip to Disney World… Orders began to pile in, to the point that in a matter of weeks, I was booked solid for several months. People loved my bags, loved the quality, and loved the concept that they could base them on any character they chose, resulting in each bag being one of a kind. The sky was the limit, and I was living a dream I never knew I had.

So, here I am, 1 year later – doing what I love and creating in a way that I never knew I could, enjoying my life, my family and all of my amazing sewing friends… I am so very fortunate in every single way.

Hi, my name is Angie and I am the busy mom behind the Facebook page, Confessions of a Crafty Momma. I came up with that name due to my husband joking about me sneaking off to the fabric store with our little girl once I had dropped our two boys at school. He said “only Annabella knows what REALLY goes on at the fabric store!”, and she was a baby at the time so there were no “confessions” coming... from her!
The love for all things handmade started at a very young age for me when my Great Grandmother was with us sewing and knitting beautiful creations. I admired her ability to make something from scratch and started playing with her sewing machine by the age of eight. Her 1940’s Kenmore sits in my sewing studio today, but more for decoration and sentimental reasons. I now love to play with my embroidery machine and collect fun combinations of designs and fabrics for girls and boys sets alike.
I have made custom clothing for my children, family and friends for years and have recently stepped outward to create for others. I think it’s wonderful in this age of mass-produced everything that there’s still a crowd of people that appreciate beautiful hand crafted clothing. I feel very honored to be a part of Main Street Boutiques, because it is a group made of long time friends that have offered great support in learning new techniques and inspired design ideas. It’s so exciting planning outfits for Disney trips my family makes, but since I can’t always be in vacation planning mode, it’s nice to be able to create for others and enjoy others’ trips vicariously when I see pictures of their little ones posted wearing my creations and those of my Main Street pals!

Hi there! My name is Sandy and I'm the owner of Fun & Fancy Fashions. I started sewing back in college as part of the theatre program. I sewed on and off after that mostly for myself but fell in love with sewing again when my wonderful husband bought me an embroidery machine. I mostly did embroidered blankets and onesies but when my two girls were born, I started sewing dresses again.
 I met my f
ellow MSB designers on the disboards when planning our first trip to Disney back in 2008. I took the plunge last year and started selling to more than just family and friends and I'm so happy that I did. These wonderful designers have taught me so much and have been a great encouragement to me this first year. As a bonus, I get to create more than just what my girls want and as they start to get older and less likely to let me sew for them, it gives me a creative outlet.
I work outside the home as the Director of Finance of a Performing Arts facility. My husband is serving in the US Navy and is currently deployed to Bahrain. He is in his 24th year and unless things change, he will be retiring in November. We have two girls ages 6 and 9 (going on 29). :) They keep me laughing and pulling my hair out at the same time. In the upcoming year, I'm looking forward to working on my hand applique skills. So that I can bring even more creativity to my dresses.

Thanks for getting to know our designers!  Keep checking back for info on our anniversary launch!

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