Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Basic Upcycle Tutorial with the Olivia by Farbenmix

Welcome to our first ever Tutorial Tuesday!!!

Good morning my name is Tricia Whelan from Treasure Lee Boutique and I am here to bring you our first Tutorial Tuesday.

Upcycling has been taking the internet by storm in the past little while, so today we are going to join the wave. :)  You need to have a dress pattern in order to do this, but most dress patterns don't come with instructions on how to section it off to upcycle a shirt that is too small.  So, for this tutorial, I have used the Olivia by Farbenmix.  This is the dress I ended up with.

 This is the portion of the original shirt I wanted. I think it was about a 12mos, and I want a size 4 dress.

Line down the middle to help me keep centered.

 So, I sat it on the pattern and checked to see all that I had to fill in. I have a line down the middle of the panel, so that I can keep it centered. Whatever I do on one side I have to do on the other.

 Here it is with pieces large enough to extend over the pattern. Not going for precision, I will just piece together for now and then cut to size later.

 I serge and then top stitch all my seams as I go. I didn't take a pic everytime, but it makes things look much more professional.

So, since I want to use 2 more fabrics for the bottom, I measured the center line from the panel to the bottom of the skirt. Divided that in half to find the length that I needed. Measured from the center line to the outer edge x 2 for the width. Then pinned and stitched making sure the centers lined up so that there would be enough fabric on each side.  Don't forget to serge and topstitch after every seam.

 Above the center panel I measured how much I would need to reach the shoulder seam. Cut an appropriate piece then sewed, serged and topstitched to center panel.

Now fold your large pieced fabric down the center line, taking care to make sure that your seams line up on the horizontal. Place your pattern piece on top and cut.

Now fold your large pieced fabric down the center line, taking care to make sure that your seams line up on the horizontal. Place your pattern piece on top and cut.

Here is the front, back and sleeves all ready to be sewn together.

Follow the pattern for final assembly and there you have it.  

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Coming Soon!!


Coming Soon to the Main Street Boutiques blog!! 
We've had so much positive feedback from our fans about our blog, that we've decide to keep the fun going!  Watch for some fun new features coming to the blog!  We'll have My Space Mondays, Tutorial Tuesdays, Another Side of MSB, and more of our featured designers to come! 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Congratulations to our Winners!

Announcing the winners of the Main Street Boutiques Anniversary Launch Moolah!

$10 -
Tammy Van Ooteghen
Susan Ayers
Marci Gentry Nowell

$25 -
Joelle Franzo Daddino

$50 -
Angela Wilson

and our Grand Prize winner of $100!
Nicole Wettstain!!! 
Winners, please message the page once you've purchased something so we can help you with your transaction! All monies must be used for this launch.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers! We love being a part of your Magical Memories!

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Some Exclusive Sneak Peeks

Our fan page is down so our designers can get their listings uploaded, but the sneaks keep coming!  Here's a few last minute sneak peeks from some of our designers...
from My*Sweet*Sunshine 

from Ruffilicious

from Molly Claire Boutique
from Jujube Boutique

from Princess Pie Bowtique

We hope you will join us tonight for our anniversarry launch!  Make sure to check out the blog tonight at 7pm EST for the announcement of our Main Street Moola winners!!

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