Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Side with Shanna Filburn

Another Side of a MSB Designer

Hi again!  This is Shanna Filburn of Creative CHEERific Creations.  One of the things the Main Street Boutiques designers have learned about each other over the past year is that we all have a wide range of talents.  We thought it would be fun to show you another side of the MSB Designers.
I am a mom of 3 and wife of a firefighter.  Here is my family,  and sadly the only family picture I have!

I consider myself a stay at home mom, although that really seems like stretch when you look at my schedule.  I am also a Nursery Assistant at my church.  I work Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and any other occasional need that arises.  I LOVE this ministry and the outlet it provides my stir crazy side. These are some of the lovely ladies I am blessed to work with and call friends.

I of course design and sew.  We can call this my 3rd job. I keep my business small so that I have time to create fun things in my hectic schedule.  When I am not obsessing about Disney (like that really ever stops!) and dreaming up my next sewing creation, I bake as a fundraiser.
It all started with my oldest daughter Kaedyn.  From the time she was VERY small she was a little performer.  She is also very athletic. The sport that stuck…All Star Cheer.  Isn’t she cute??!!


Now, some of you may have a kid in cheer and know the CRAZY amount of money it costs.  If not, IT IS A LOT OF MONEY! So, I had to come up with a fundraising idea to help this one income family keep up with the cost.  My mother in law suggested cake truffles.  What started out as a one-time event turned into a demanded product and we managed to fund ALL of cheer with cake truffles!  That is where we came up with my business name!  *Warning* The next few images may cause you to cheat on your diet and grab something sweet.  MMMM  Truffles! Yes, they do taste as good as they look J

So, there you have it!  My 4th job and secret talent.  Even if Kaedyn doesn’t cheer her way to Worlds one day, I know I will have a great income source to fund the dreams of her younger two siblings.  Look at these sweet faces!

Now, wouldn’t you work, sew and bake all ours of the day and night to help them succeed?  Thanks so much for reading more about me!  I can’t wait to show you what I have been dreaming up for our next launch!!
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